Concious sedation

An effective solution for dental phobia

Are you afraid of the dentist so much that you broke out in a cold sweat at the simple thought of entering the waiting room? Do not worry, you are not the only one. Millions of terrified people around the world are avoiding a visit to the dentist, according to estimates, about one in ten. People are afraid of pain, needles, afraid of feelings of helplessness and lack of control, and at the end, with the teeth in a very bad condition, the fear is compounded by embarrassment and shame. But, this is not the way it should be as poor oral health can compromise the health of our entire body. Besides the fact that bacteria (of course, we are talking about the harmful ones, since in the mouth also live harmless species) cause tooth decay, gum disease, cause pain, problems with chewing and speech, impair the quality of life, they can also spread through the bloodstream throughout the body and contribute to the development of systemic diseases, including heart and lung infections. In other words, it is quite clear that good oral health is an imperative for overall health and it is necessary to find a solution to your fear – and the solution exists and it is called conscious sedation.

Fear of the dentist is present among all generations, therefore it is wrong to think that it is an exclusive “right” of children. Here we distinguish between dental anxiety, dental fear and dental phobia, which is by far the most intense feeling of fear. Persons suffering from dental phobia will do anything to avoid meeting their dentist since not being capable to cope with their fear. Their fear is irrational, it is not caused by anticipation of pain or discomfort, but the mere presence of dentist or look at the instruments is sufficient to induce sweating, rapid breathing, rapid pulse, palpitations, shortness of breath and other symptoms of extreme fear.

First of all, such patients should be approached with special care, attention and understanding, with a special emphasis on informing the patient and building trust. Of course, the fact that the fear will not disappear even after the patient consents to treatment must be also taken into account, so it is necessary to do everything in order to minimize the number of visits. Thanks to the conscious sedation and careful procedure planning, today is indeed possible to achieve that.

Conscious sedation is carried out using drugs administered intravenously prior to the procedure, and the sedation continues during the procedure, all under the watchful eye of a licensed anesthesiologist. The patient is awake the whole time and able to communicate with a dentist without experiencing any discomfort, sensing any fear, and completely unaware of the time passing and pain. Upon completion of the procedure, the patient usually does not even remember anything. The sedation is intended for larger and more complex procedures in the oral cavity that last longer than 20 minutes where it is very important that the patient remains still. However, it is also recommended for persons who sense a great fear even when it comes to minor procedures.

In iDent Dental Clinic we are offering the possibility of performing the procedure under conscious sedation. For all your questions and additional information, we are at your disposal.

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