About us

iDENT Dental Clinic is a private clinic for orthodontics, oral surgery, prosthetics and aesthetic dental medicine, located in city of Zagreb, Croatia.

Our team of dental experts follows global trends in dentistry, and throughout education and training is in line with constant progress and developments in the field of dental medicine.We believe that interdisciplinary approach and cooperation with both patients and our partners are the key that puts us on top of the dental profession.

iDENT Dental Clinic is equipped with advanced equipment and devices for various types of procedures. We can diagnose and treat the most complex conditions, in accordance with world trends and current technology advancements in the field of dental medicine. In addition, are paying a lot of attention to important details, such as photo documentation of complex procedures which is an essential part of our procedures.

When working with patients, we pay special attention to the individual approach. Therefore, each case is treated with lot of attention, considering the needs and capabilities of our clients. Applying our advanced diagnostic techniques, the procedure planning is carried out in consultation with our patients in order to achieve an optimal treatment method and satisfying end result. This approach allows us to see each of our clients primarily as a person who wants to improve their health and smile, which is the basis for self-esteem and a prerequisite for a better private and professional life.

Our dental professionals serve our clients on a daily basis in order to achieve optimal treatment results in terms of health care and aesthetic.

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