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In order to provide its clients only with the best, in the field of metal free prosthetic iDent Dental Clinic cooperates with Biodental Center. The laboratory of the Center exists since 1994, when founded as a Private Dental Laboratory Vedran Srb and started its development into a modern laboratory, building the reputation we know today. The Center operates in Zagreb,Vrhovec 12, and employs five experts who are constantly improving in the country and abroad.

Currently, the laboratory work is performed on two independent CAD-CAM systems of the Sirona Dental Systems company, using the best materials for making crowns, bridges and veneers such as Zirconium Oxide, Alumina, Zirconia, Spinelli, Empress, E.max and others. All materials are manufactured by reputable manufacturers, as well as certificated and biocompatible. The most of the laboratory activity consists of works such as crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, inlay bridges and implants. Applying the most sophisticated technologies for design and construction of dentures, the laboratory is able to perform the most complicated works as quickly as possible, within a day or two.

Besides paying great attention to their own education, the employees of the Center are providing workshops in the field of ceramics, waxing, wironit and similar areas to the colleagues who wish to further improve their work.

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Associated with the best ones

In early 2012 three renowned dental practices and one diagnostic center from Zagreb – Dental Practice Cekić, iDent Dental Clinic and Apolonija Dental Clinic (including Practice for dental X-ray Lauc) – decided to pool their strengths and expertise and appear in the market together under the name Cromatology dental group. The aim of the founders was not to win clients with low prices, but the idea of the association is based on offering the highest quality services for the welfare of our patients.

On the other hand, the patient’s needs today sometimes go beyond the capacity of one practice. In this sense, pooling of the leading institutions and resources is the only right path to meet the patient’s needs. In other words, the cornerstone of this association is made up of a few basic features, and these are:

1. Patient’s satisfaction
2. Multidisciplinary approach
3. Dental medicine based on evidence
4. Continuous professional training
5. Ethical and scientific standards at the highest level
6. Flexibility and quick service

In short, Cromatology Dental Group is an association that applying only the highest professional standards in its daily work promotes the idea of advanced dental medicine of the 21 century. In a wide range of our services must be emphasized special features that distinguish us from the competition, namely:

Treatment of patients with significant dental phobia
All on 4-6, teeth in a day
Preventive dental medicine
Minimally invasive dental medicine
3D diagnostics
Treatment of long-term painful conditions
Solving of functional issues/problems
Treatments for TMJ disorders
Individual treatment
ISO standard 9001, 14001

The founders of Cromatology Dental Group are three above mentioned renowned dental practices and diagnostic center which can be proud of the quality of their service and their tradition with a reason. Therefore, let us say a few words about our partners:

Dental Practice Cekić is a family practice whose work is based on applying the highest professional standards in everyday work. Founded in 1992 as a specialist practice for periodontology and oral medicine, over time it developed into a center for oral rehabilitation of patients whose problems require a multidisciplinary approach. In everyday work, Dental Practice Cekić encompasses all aspects of modern dental medicine, while narrowly specialized in working with patients with significant dental phobia and implant rehabilitation of patients suffering from partial or complete loss of teeth.

Apolonija Dental Clinic is a clinic for dental diagnostics, orthodontics and prosthetics founded on forty years long tradition in private practice, application of cutting edge technology and continuous improvement in all branches of dental medicine. One of the oldest private clinics in Zagreb was created as an upgrade of traditional family dental practice of Mira Jukić Lauc, DMD, located in Zagreb, Ilica St. 19.

Twenty years long tradition and systematic introduction of the best imaging technology in everyday dental diagnostics are placing Practice for dental X-ray Lauc on the very top of dental radiology in Croatia. All tooth images are taken by the top dental x-ray equipment with the lowest possible radiation for patients, being first to introduce the digital ortopan and ConeBeam CT which are representing the cutting edge technology with significantly reduced radiation. Safety of the patient is the most important.

In addition to the particularity and expertise of each practice, continuing professional development and joint interactive activities of the Cromatology Dental Group provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach in all fields of dental medicine.

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