Health care instructions after oral surgical procedures

To avoid the inconvenience and discomfort after oral surgical procedures, it is necessary to follow the instructions bellow:

The first 12 hours you should not rinse your mouth and you should avoid hot food. If you feel pain, take Voltaren Rapid. Do not take Aspirin or Andol! If you are pregnant, take Lupocet. When brushing your teeth, use a soft brush and be careful not to hurt the wound. Maintain good oral hygiene to avoid complications. After 24 hours, rinse your mouth several times a day with Corsodyl, a liquid you can buy in the pharmacy. If you have stitches, wash them gently with a cotton swab dipped in Corsodyl, Hexoral or 3% hydrogen solution (solutions available in the local pharmacy).


Do not rinse your mouth the day had the procedure. After 24 hours, if there is no bleeding, rinse your mouth with a solution made of one tablespoon of salt dissolved in one litre of water or sage tea.

Slight bleeding can be expected 2-3 days after the procedure. In the case of severe and prolonged bleeding, contact your doctor or emergency department. If you are not able to do that, you can help yourself by placing a folded piece of sterile gauze on the bleeding point, biting it slightly and holding it like that for about half an hour. The procedure can be repeated several times. If the bleeding in the meantime does not stop, be sure to contact your doctor.

Swelling after surgery is not uncommon and does not represent any danger. To avoid swelling, put some ice wrapped in a plastic bag and a cloth, or a cold compress on the skin over the treated area every 15-30 minutes during the first twelve hours after the procedure. Follow this instruction in order to avoid pain, swelling and severe complications a few days after surgery.

Take painkillers that you normally use (Voltaren Rapid, Panadona extra, Plivadon or Cafetine) every 4-6 hours, 1-2 pills. Do not take pills containing acetylsalicylic acid (Andol, Aspirin) because it prolonges bleeding.

You can eat normally. During the first day it is desirable to eat liquid or mashed food. You should avoid hot drinks and hot food. Also, do not consume grainy or similar food that can accumulate in the wound.

Do not smoke for at least 3-4 hours after the procedure or while there is bleed-ing. Avoid alcohol consumption.

Maintain complete oral hygiene. Brush the teeth around the wound and gen-tly remove from the stitches the plaque formed after 24 hours. Rinsing with chlorhexidine solution (e.g. Curasept) is recommended after 24 hours, several times a day.